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"Mindset is everything"

Ronald Rasul Johnson has grit, dedication, and...he’s got a plan. A business owner, fitness entrepreneur, personal trainer and sought after motivational speaker, Ron also feels an urgency to give back. Every week he shares his story with young people in Philly and beyond, who might see themselves on a similar journey. He hopes to encourage them to believe in themselves and avoid adverse paths early in life, but above all - create a plan. 


Ron Rasul Johnson owns YardOut Fit Club Philadelphia gym in Germantown and is the founder of YardOut Fitness, a fitness program designed for real bodies, using real-life movements that dramatically change the way a body looks and improves how it feels and functions. Ron keeps community at the center of his work, he’s dedicated to ‘giving back’. His own journey began years ago as he has spent nearly a decade in the field of exercise health science. His sense of urgency to show young people from similar communities, with diverse backgrounds, that he is someone who understands what they are going through. He knows they need encouragement. A model of success, and ideas of how to get there while simultaneously providing real warnings of how not to get there. Always humble, Ron speaks frequently about his journey with student and community groups. Even with a young business like YardOut, Ron runs an internship for college age students where they learn how to become entrepreneurs and train to become certified trainers. Ron is a frequent public speaker at youth programs, in schools, community centers, nonprofits and employer provided internship programs. A student of exercise physiology, Ron has spent nearly a decade fine-tuning YardOut Fitness to accommodate any person willing to “stick to their plan”.  

"Mental AND Physical improvement requires a mindset focused on Dedication"


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